is a morning serenade old school?

I wonder why I woke up too early today. It sure looked like I still have time to get back to bed and enjoy more hours of sleep; however, my eyes are telling me I've already had enough. Wow, and it's not even 2am yet when I last checked the watch! Watching my little girl and my husband in deep sleep can't even lure me back to sleeping mode yet. So, I guess this is Internet time for me, huh!. Gosh, I really wish someone in the neighborhood is having a birthday right now so I can join the thoughtful neighbors in their mañanita. Being waken up to a serenade at dawn on the day of your birthday maybe a bit of an old school but this thoughtful gesture still works and can touch the birthday celebrant's heart right to the very core. It is for this reason that my good neighbors started this mañanita gesture. It's really cool when you have cool friends like this in the neighborhood, don't you think? It doesn't matter if they own a musician's friend guitar, or whether the songs are sung beautifully or not, because it's really the thoughtfulness that matters to any celebrant. I have yet to join them in their future serenade, though. It's a shame I wasn't able to join them the last time they did this because, besides missing the night rehearsal, I wasn't able to wake up early. But now that I'm quite perfectly mañanita-ready, nobody seems to be celebrating a birthday in the neighborhood. How lucky can you be?

Incidentally, as I am writing this, I realized that a good friend and high school buddy on the other side of the world is celebrating her birthday. She's one of my high school buddies before. Now I'm having this throwback of my high school time. I remember every year we used to go to the bishop's palace with the rest of the choir and the nuns to serenade the bishop on his birthday, which happens to be her birthday as well. I wish her the best of things on her birthday - blessings of good health for her and her family.

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