a year-ender report on our life as parents

It's back to blogging time once again, folks! Ahem! I thought I would be able to blog earlier than today but, much as I would have wanted to, family, work and some other  priorities really got in the way, especially towards the end of the year. Still, I hope to start the new year with a little "year-ender" of some sort.

I am happy to say that, although last year was quite a challenging one for us, we were somehow able to successfully carry out some decisions which have something to do with our life as parents.  I cannot complain anything despite that we were not able to accomplish some of the goals last year. Overall, there were more blessings we have enjoyed that we hardly notice we have also endured
some trials. I am really thankful for all the material gifts we have received last year. More than anything else, though, I am thankful to God for giving us gifts of good health and whole lot of good friends.

Our little girl, on the other hand, has enjoyed every bit about her life as a preschooler and as the lone daughter. Husband and I have noticed a lot of progress, not only in terms of academics  but also in terms of displaying good behavior. Thanks to her teacher in school for partnering with us parents in helping to mold and shape our kid.

I and husband are still discussing our plans for the year - what we need to accomplish as according to priorities. It really helps to have realistic plans even though we may not be able to execute some of them.

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