this meant a lot to her

This is a late update but I want to make sure I have documented most (if not all) of my little girl's activities and progress in school. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter couldn't wait to tell me that she received a token during the school's awarding of their Sciematics and Sportsfest activity.

photo grabbed from the school's Facebook page

Actually, I saw pictures of her in the school's Facebook page where she participated in the game of Snakes and Ladders with other kids in school. I didn't think she won first place but, seeing the glow and delight in as her eyes when she proudly showed her award to me, I knew that award meant so much to her. In fact, when I was on the phone checking on my dad in Medellin, she wanted to also have a word with him so she can proudly share about her latest achievement in school.

the winners

As parents, we really appreciate it that, even in simple activities like this, the school has helped boost our kid's confidence.

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