moving on after the calamity

After surviving from that great typhoon, the greatest challenge of people in affected communities is how to get back on their feet. While victims are still trying to re-build their homes, most of them rely on tents provided by the government. But did you know that, in some parts of the world, there are those that make use of off trailers as temporary shelters? It would be interesting to find out how this can be possibly done, especially with texas pride roll off trailers, or whatever will work for them. However, in our country, some of us would have to make do with only light materials which are not usually typhoon-proof. :-(

Quite sadly, a lot of those affected who are in remote areas have lost their energy to live especially when there is scarcity of food and relief goods hardly reach them on time. For those areas that were badly hit, being able to get back on their feet is not likely to happen anytime soon if they are not getting help from our government, private organizations, companies and individuals. Obviously, they do not just need relief goods to get by because they know that pretty soon this kind of help will go away. That's the reality. What they need is livelihood to sustain them and to help them carry on with their lives in the real sense of the word. What's more important for them now is to make their lives better a day at a time. I heard that the government is offering some sort of a program to teach carpentry skills to the typhoon victims. That is such a good move because they can use these skills to re-build or construct their homes. Aside from that, they can eventually get a job from these skills.

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