window shopping for guitars

Look at all these guitars. Can you help me pick one? LOL. Husband and I really don't have any idea which one to buy. We're not planning to buy yet as of this time, though. We just did some window shopping to please and satisfy our eyes and tire our feet. Actually, we just passed by the music area in one of the big chain stores here in Cebu while we were looking around for our little girl's costume some time about two weeks ago. Cebu is known for making great guitars, by the way. We just thought of taking a photo as a sort of a reminder that the budget for this is still on the waiting list. And it will still have to go through a lot of deliberation later on whether or not a budget for this should be released. How about a ukulele for the little girl? Hmmm.. Thanks to an alphabet poster, she now wants a violin (V for violin!) for herself.

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