it is going to be merrier than the last one

We are still in the month of August but we already know that time can go by so fast. A couple of months from now, we would already feel how close we are to Christmas. Ahhhh, I am so excited about Christmas because I can see almost everyone taking every effort to be merry and to make others happy. As always, I'd like our little girl to experience the joy of anticipating Christmas. Pretty soon, she will be opening her Christmas gifts but before that happens, I would love for her to take part in decorating the house to create that Christmas-y feel. Hopefully, a Christmas tree would already be up by October or November. For sure, it would stand prettier with new decorations around it. I hope to get radko christmas ornaments at christmas place because there are quite a lot of great choices there. Ah, this year's Christmas is going to be merrier than the last one. Hopefully!

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