she is almost set for school

I think I am a lot more excited than my daughter when it comes to her first day of school. Hopefully, it's going to happen this school year. I believe that's how most moms like me feel. I wonder how she would do at school. Will she be intimidated with other kids around? I hope she can handle it pretty well. Husband and I agreed that we will be there to guide and help her so that she won't find going to school difficult. As parents, we have agreed we won't push her too hard that she will feel pressured about schooling. Instead, we just want her to have this willingness and eagerness to learn and absorb all the lessons. I look forward to her schooling as an opportunity for her to meet new friends and to enjoy her childhood even more. Right now, we're trying to get her to sleep early and wake up early so that she won't show up late in school.

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