my clever little toddler

You know I was once told that when babies would already learn how to walk by themselves, you won't feel the pressures of being a mom or a parent anymore or that you'll be able to relax a whole lot better than you did when they were still just a few months old because they no longer have to be carried all the time. However, sometimes I would feel like they're safer in my arms and I would feel more sense of peace within myself when I know they won't get a scratch on any part of the body or a bump in the head for enjoying the newfound freedom to run or move. It's been like two or three weeks now as well since my clever little toddler have discovered a way to reach for anything she has a secret crush on even when it's far beyond her reach. What she would do is grab and pull a chair right to the place of her interest and use it as her ladder so she would climb up to get what she has been eyeing on. No matter how much we try stopping her from doing so and then putting her back down everytime she would succeed in standing on top of the chair's seat and enjoying the view, she's too stubbornly patient to try it again.

Uh oh, watch the tv!


  1. Glue everything to the celing. Check and mate!

  2. Yes, you are so right. It is more dangerous now that she can walk and climb a chair to reach for objects because she is liable to hurt herself while doing so. You have to follow her closely to prevent any untoward accident. Advance Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. I feel nervous a lot about my daughter so I'm with you. She's clever though.

  4. It's fun to watch how toddlers are able to work things out for themselves. Amazing :)

  5. @drake: LOL, i wish i can do that. would probably be the best way to babyproof the house :-)
    @brother mel: we're watching her closely, thanks. merry christmas to you and your family, too.
    @mom daughter style: thanks. glad to know that. :-)
    @jellybelly: you're right, we never taught her to use a chair to increase her height but she figured it out, anyway. :-)