mommy moments 4: the little christmas tree

mommy moments

Do you have a Christmas tree at home?

A few weeks ago, hubby and I were debating whether or not we should get a new Christmas tree in the house. We definitely want a tall one for a Christmas tree but.....

We've been thinking hard about it and decided that it's practical not to buy not only because we would be able to save on that supposed expense but because we feel that it would be safer for our little one year plus toddler to be without it in the house. You see, our little toddler wants her hands full with almost anything she finds new in the house. I have envisioned already what she would do with a tall Christmas tree and with Christmas lights and decorations around it.

Anyway, I also realized that we do have an old little Christmas tree. I bought it from Avon a few years ago. I never thought it could stand tall, I mean short and proud, up until now. :-)

So, here comes our little Christmas tree!

True enough, my little girl is really not satisfied watching at it from a distance. :-)


  1. They say bright colours can stimulate a child’s brain. If that’s true then during Christmas time I became a super genius. Still, I guess you don't NEED a tree... the little one still gets lots of presents right? Because you know, that’s the most important thing of all.

    Oh and family I guess. Presents and family. But mostly presents. No socks either, we know what you adults are like.

  2. @drake: yeah, she'll get her presents, lots of 'em, especially from her godparents - if they're not in the hiding :-). hahaha, socks and sucks - just wait until you become a parent yourself. LOL.

  3. In answer to your question on the Doomsday Corner, I’m 25. I just really really really like Christmas.

  4. don't fret much about the tree, it won't make christmas happier, that pretty little girl would do that job!

  5. Yes, it is not practical to buy a new and tall Christmas tree because it is liable to be destroyed by Dipdip who is so hyper active right now. You can save on your precious money and add it instead to your Christmas eve food. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. @kimmy: thanks. you're right. i'm glad we didn't.
    @brother mel: yes, we will do just that. merry christmas to you and your loved ones

  7. we also have a small christmas tree because i thought that my toddler (then) would just pull all the ornaments so its more practical to have a small one :) happy christmas!