toddler's safety concerns

Today, I looked into one of my little girl's old photos when she was about four months old. I compared it with how she looked recently and noticed that there's really a BIG difference.

look at the stuffed cheeks...

The photo above was edited (courtesy of introvertedwriter ) to make it look like an ID because it was used for her health insurance ID, back when I was still working in an office setting.

Back then, it was so easy to watch and look after her safety but today it looks like we're going to have to deal with our toddler's safety concerns when she's on her playpen crib. She doesn't want to be held prisoner inside the converted crib anymore. It's not all the time that we're putting her there though - only when we still have to take our breakfast or to babyproof the area in the house where she will run and walk (although there's really not a lot of space here to run around, LOL).

Look at how desperate she is to go down... :-)

she's playing the crying toddler here ...

No, it's not for her early toddler ballet lessons, she just simply wants to climb out!

here's another attempt...

One of these days, the playpen crib has to retire...


  1. LOL...once kids have it in their minds to get out, they'll find a way sooner or later. I think yours came sooner. Dipx2 will climb out, and keep climbing out, but wait until they want to climb IN. ;)

    She does look different now that she's older. You know, everyone keeps telling me that---"oh your baby's face will change the older they get." I guess they're right. You can still see remnants of Dipdip's cute puffy cheeks in the current pictures, but her face looks a bit more mature now. ;)

  2. bchai, yeah.. i think she grows so fast. you're right, she looks mature already.. is that good or bad? LOL