toddler behavior and updates

Here is a picture of my toddler wearing a pair of oversized slippers. This was her first cousin's old slippers and she wants to wear them. Would you believe that she already knows how to use them just the way they were supposed to be worn?

Oh, I didn't realize I actually cut her head on this picture but I'd like to emphasize on my toddler's slippers. She's got company there.

I'd like to write updates as well about my toddler's behavior. We are all about patience right now because everytime she wants something done or given to her, she would really want it her way. She doesn't like the word "NO". When she hears it from me, she would cry wells of tears and then she would kiss my hand, as if to cajole me or something. My heart would easily melt and I would then be close to giving in but my husband reminded me that I should not easily give in to all her wishes nor be tolerant of any unpleasant behavior. Don't you think it's too early to discipline her in any way?


  1. No Meretrisha, your husband is correct. Disciplining a child starts when she could already understand. Otherwise she might get spoiled. It is but natural that you feel that way but you must stand firm and consistent in your efforts to discipline her so that she will grow up to be a good girl. Just enjoy her antics and tricks while she is still young. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. I agree with Mel---start early, but start it off gently. We adopt the "no-spanking" rule here at home, but we're firm believers of the "time-out" policy. I think that if you explain it to your Dipx2 why she can't have things her way, she'll begin to understand why mommy had to do this or that. It's best to start disciplining early so that it's not so bad once she hits her two's and three's (like everyone claims it is). LOL.

    At least she isn't throwing any awful hissy fits!

  3. We're undergoing the same stage! But your husband is right. We should be consistent when we say no otherwise they won't believe us next time. Despite the tantrums at this stage, it's the most fun so far. Btw, just like Bchai, I tried using "time out." I explained why she went through "time out" afterwards. After about 2 or 3 times, she knew what time out was. Time out was enough of a threat to discourage her from tantrums when she doesn't get her way.