five minutes more?

The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more. - Wilson Mizener
Before we had our daughter, hubby and I are avid members of the "five minutes more sleeping club. I can still recall the times we've been tardy from going to work because we wanted to sleep like the average person described in the bolded quote above. LOL. It's amazing how things started to change when we already had a baby. During the first three months of our baby, it was really hard for us because we had to stay up during unholy hours because the baby is usually awake during that time. If there's one important thing I have learned from  this whole parenting thing, it would be to sleep when the baby is sleeping. Nap when the baby is also napping. Because when baby is awake, we need to be awake as well so we can give our best care and attention. It's hard to attend to the baby when you are sleepy, right? I had to salute hubby though because he's usually the one who has to stay awake at night for the baby more than I would because doctor wants me to rest during night time so that I could already say goodbye to postpartum hypertension. In fact, he got teased at work by his officemates because he would unintentionally fall off to sleep.

Well, anyway, the sleep deprivation didn't really last very long. However, when she started teething, there are also times that she'd be awake in the middle of the night - although it's not very often that she turns fussy during bedtime.

And then at 10 months+ when she already learned how to stand and walk, she would seem too excited about it that she would wake up at midnight and stand up on her own and then play like it was a normal waking up time of the day. You know how it feels when you're sleepy but you can't afford to sleep because the baby is awake? Well, I am also glad that it didn't last very long though. In a week's time, we never experienced that again.

I'm glad we have finally graduated from that sleep deprivation moments! Now that our daughter is a year old plus, her sleep pattern is already that of an adult - although she takes more naps in the afternoon. No longer would we wake up in the middle of the night because she sleeps so soundly in bed already. As a matter of fact, we already have a new member of the "five minutes more" sleeping club.  :-)


  1. hala andam andam na diay mi ani for sleep deprivation pud unya pohon, hehe.

  2. Hi sis, timing itong post mo. Ang baby ko kagabi, halos hindi ako pinatulog. Sabagay kasalanan ko rin kasi past midnight na ako nahiga. Hehehe.

  3. I'm glad you're getting enough sleep now that your little girl's older. She'll start to sleep longer when she gets older too. It's even better when the naps can stretch out to 3 hours too! ;)

  4. @jenn: ana jud.. sleep all you want because when baby makes an entrance, hmmm-- you'll be sleepless in seattle, LOL
    @sheryl: hehehe good luck sis. kaya mo yan..
    @bchai: thanks bchai. i'm learning a lot from you

  5. First time I heard about that five minutes more sleeping club, lol. I never had problems with that since I can regulate my sleep. In fact I'm already awake at 2am to start my day with a quiet time with the Lord. Then I go to my blogging activities since I consider it a ministry for the Lord. That is the only time when I can have the computer all by myself since my kids are all lined up in the computer ever since vacation time, lol. Nice to know that Dipdip have already a normal sleeping time and never bothers you anymore at night. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.