18 seconds of happiness captured!

Babies are such a nice way to start people. - Don Herrold

Look at how fast my one year old little girl could run now! This is only an 18-sec video. Here, she forgets about her teething discomfort because she's running freely.

She is indeed a true joy and inspiration! Somehow, I felt little scared seeing her run swiftly like that but I am still full of joy. To us, it seems like she causes us to have amnesia from all of life's worries and problems. :-) Thank You God for this very precious gift!


  1. Great job! I love how fast she runs, and her poor yaya is running after her. At least, it makes for some great exercise! ;)

    (I love how she looks at you and starts to take off---it's like she's happy to show you something new.)

  2. Wow! She run's so fast! It's a good way to lose weight for us moms heeheehee

  3. @bchai: i know.. i noticed that one, too! :-)
    @jellybelly/bchai: yeah, exercise and losing weight.. i guess i'm a failure when it comes to this.. tsk tsk

  4. Yes, medyo nakakatakot nga yung age na ganito kasi very fragile pa ang baby mo at hindi pa ganuon ka tatag ang paglalakad niya. There is a tendency for her to ran uncontrollably by the sheer joy of the new found experience but that is also her most dangerous phase in her growth for she might stumble and fall and sustain injuries. Kailangan pa rin ang extreme caution to preclude any untoward accident. Your child will grow up as a wonderful child of God. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.