unable to go to school

The little girl has been having slight fever and has been absent from school since Monday. I suspected she acquired something viral which started last Sunday, the day after we went to COMELEC. I remembered it was drizzling consistently that day; and although we did bring an umbrella with us, it wasn't enough to keep her from getting a little wet. However, husband said, she already had signs of a bad cold even before we went out on a drizzling Saturday morning. Oh, my poor daughter! Thankfully, she's getting better after a couple of days' rest. Still, husband and I get a little frantic sometimes because we are basically just observing and trusting our parenting instincts. Oh, how she loved to go back to school already but we thought she needed sufficient rest. Hopefully, she wouldn't be taking that medicine for fever by tomorrow. We let her drink medicine before bedtime tonight because her temperature is starting to go up again. Oh virus, if you're the culprit, please go away!

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