what it's like every morning

Here's a glimpse of what it's like every morning just before we would take off for work.

Our little girl is waving goodbye...
Such a sad scene to watch, I should say. 

Although she has already accepted the fact that her mama and papa has to leave everyday for work, she would usually wake up early so she can still have the chance to kiss and say goodbye to us. I wish she never had to watch us driving away to work everyday so she wouldn't feel bad.

What's giving me some peace of mind, though, even if we have to leave for work is because my in-laws are there to take care of her. We are definitely indebted to them for the unconditional love and attention they are giving to our daughter. After all this time, I still find it hard to leave my kid behind but I have to fight whatever awful feeling I have for leaving her to my in-laws' care for the meantime that we can't find anyone else we could trust our kid to. Both of us needed to work so we can successfully carry on our financial responsibilities as parents.

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