reunited and it felt so good

After keeping myself busy with something else more important for a couple of months, I thought I am now ready to be back blogging about our life as parents again. Somehow, I felt like I am a newbie blogger who can't seem to figure out what to write. :-)

Anyway, let me give you updates about our life as parents:

I got really sick some time last month which nearly cost my life if I wasn't rushed to the hospital after day 2 of severe diarrhea. It had something to do with eating contaminated food that hubby and I bought from the market. The home remedies, oral rehydration solution, Gatorade and over-the-counter medicines didn't help; and by the time we decided to go to the hospital, the doctor said I was already dehydrated. To be admitted in the hospital wasn't really something that we wanted to happen because we have our two-year-old plus daughter with us. Most of all, we were worried about the cost of the hospital bills. However, the doctor deemed it fit for me to stay and be monitored at the hospital. Since hubby had to attend to me at the hospital, we had no other recourse but to send her to the care of my in-laws.

We had to endure more than a week of being away from our little girl. I felt really depressed at that time. Separation anxiety, must be it. I kept blaming myself and held myself responsible for sending my daughter away from us,including the financial difficulties we were in due to setbacks of my health. Thankfully, my daughter seemed to have adjusted really well without us because she also had her two cousins playing with her at the in-laws' house.

When I already recovered, it was already time to fetch her. The first time she saw us back again, she said 'Hello' and then she was silent for awhile and kept staring at us. It was probably then that she realized that it was 'us' her parents. Oh, I wish I had quickly captured that moment when she ran towards me and hugged me so tight and won't let go after that. It was an emotional moment for the both of us. I guess it is really true that the mother and child really has that certain connection that you can't explain.

I really felt an unexplainable kind of joy when I finally got reunited with my daughter.

On another note, I've long been wanting to change the tone of my blog. I want to write more informative articles that have something to do with toddler, kids, and parenting. Perhaps in my subsequent blogs, you're going to see a couple of changes. On second thought, I think I would still want to write on a personal tone. Thus, expect to still read a mix of different writing styles.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you were hospitalized because of severe dehydration. Although temporary separation from your daughter was inevitable because she has to stay with her relatives, it was necessary for the good of you all. Reuniting with her after your hospital discharge was a joyful experience. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.