our life as parents - the birth

This blog is all about our life as parents... 

In this blog, I hope to write about my thoughts about parenting and our life with hubby as parents that is also closely related to our being a couple.

This is not to say that yours truly is an expert at parenting. This is created not only for the readers to know what it's like to become parents. It is also for people to interact and exchange views with us so we can learn from each other. I said "us" because the husband will also share his parenting thoughts to me and I am going to have to write it down.

We are dedicating this blog to our daughter and to all the parents out there.


  1. congratulations for your new blog jo! i followed u na. first follower. :) fan as ever. :) looking forward for more parenting tips from here so when it's my turn, at least i know a little bit of here and there. :)

  2. Great idea for a blog, hun. ;) Can't wait to read about the parenting adventures you and the hubs are planning to share with all of us!

  3. jenn, bchai: thank you guys.. we could never thank you enough.. mwahh